Subcontract packages

As part of our new package-building offer, CES is able to recruit organised teams of international workers by connecting clients with subcontracting firms.

Particular tasks are managed by an English speaking group manager. The manager is also responsible for organisation and ensures that tasks are performed in a safe and efficient manner.

Workers are organised into groups or stand-alone teams, depending on the scale of the work and the client's expectations.

Remuneration is figured hourly or per project.

We deal with well-established or newer, also reputable, firms that have long-term experience, which is supported by recommendations and certification. We can also oversee projects to ensure they are properly carried out.

We organise client meetings with the representatives of the potential subcontractors, as well as visits to their building sites, where the client meets their potential workers and observes them at work.

Through our offices in Poland, we also check subcontracting firms for reliability and confirm their recommendations are authentic. Throughout the process we offer organisational support, help with contractual issues, and assure that quality meets British standards.

In many service industries the location where the work is performed does not influence the final product. Design, drawings and cost calculations are three such examples. Meeting deadlines is always priority.

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Design outsourcing Poland

Globalisation and telecommunications make distance no barrier to excellence. We provide immediate details of results electronically in all cases.

Subcontracting services to contractors from Central and Eastern Europe decreases client costs significantly, whilst simultaneously maintaining the highest quality standards.

CES, though not a subcontractor itself, does ensure the selection of subcontractors which suit the Client’s profile and have proper qualifications. We also guarantee complex contract processing. If you require detailed information, our consultants are at your service.