Welders, pipe fitters and steel erectors

One of our specialties is the recruitment of skilled and experienced craftsmen for the engineering industry. We recruit coded welders, pipe fitters, fabricator, steel erectors, grinders, oxy-acetylene cutter, riggers and others for the Engineering, the Shipbuilding, the Oil & Gas and the Energy sectors.

Our candidates possess in-depth working knowledge of welding craft, and extensive practical experience of shipyards, power stations and refineries, including the gamut of welding methods from TIG/GTAW and stick/SMAW to semi-automatic and automatic welding.

All candidates have their references and certificates thoroughly screened. In the case of welders, practical welding tests are part of the candidates’ assessment, including visual inspection as well as destructive and non-destructive tests. If needed, tests are conducted in the worker’s country of origin, for example in Poland or Romania. Providing certification by recognized international bodies in accordance with project requirements (e.g. EN 9606-1, ASME IX or AWS) is one of our key services.

We offer both, recruitment services for permanent and temporary placements, and staffing agency service (employment business service, labour subcontracting).

The quality of our services has been verified by leading UK engineering companies. Read more about our projects.