22 December 2014

Central European Staffing SGP employees return home for Christmas

On Friday 19.12.2014 Christmas has come for Central European Staffing employees working on Laggan-Tormore SGP (Shetland Gas Plant) in Sullom Voe.

The hard-working crews returned to Poland for a well-earned Christmas break. CES provided  a comfortable and convenient flight on a chartered plane, flying direct from Sumburgh in Shetland to Warsaw.

Preparing for take-off
Preparing for take-off on board the Bombardier Q400 from Sumburgh (Shetland) to Warsaw

About 50 men took the CES flight, while the remaining group of about 60 returned on regularly scheduled flights via Aberdeen, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and other convenient European airports.

Check in at LSI
Check in at Sumburgh Airport

The travel was significantly quicker and more convenient, than other means of transport, and of course catering on board added to the comfort of the trip. Delay was reduced with changes avoided.  Each and every welder, pipe fitter and plater arrived safely in Warsaw, with time to spare for the journey home later that afternoon.

Polish employees constitute over 10% of all the workers on the SGP Laggan-Tormore site in Shetland. A significant number of those do return to Poland for the Christmas holidays.

Located approximately 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands, the Laggan and Tormore fields are one of the most important gas fields for the UK Oil and Gas industry. It is estimated that approximately 17% of the remaining UK Oil and Gas Reserves are located in the that productive region. CES recruited over 300 coded welders, pipe fitters, platers and supervisors from Poland were to work on the Laggan-Tormore Project in Shetland whilst supporting the construction of the Shetland Gas Plant.

We here at CES want to thank each of you for your dedicated co-operation this year.
We wish you and your families a happy Christmas and a bounteous New Year.

Central European Staffing

Szet fin
CES team at Shetland Gas Plant in Sullom Voe, working from February until December 2014

Szet 2
Bombardier Q400 owned by Eurolot awaiting CES employees at Sumburgh Airport, probably the first direct connection from Sumburgh to Poland