4 May 2016

Central European Staffing at Recruiter’s Night 2016

Warsaw:  Recruiters Night was held on 21 April at the Opera Club in Warsaw. It’s an occasion carefully noted in the diary of HR recruiters.  It was established eight years ago as an event to celebrate the lively Human Resources market in Poland.

CES commends and supports such initiatives and strives to attend whenever and wherever possible.

Magazyn Rekruter was once again the organizing party, using the occasion to hand out the annual Recruitment Awards for 2016.  In cooperation with sponsors Goldenline, InfoPraca.pl, Harvard Business Review and Ko?mi?ski University, amongst others, prizes were presented in four categories, Permanent Placement, Temporary Recruitment, In-house Recruitment Team and Executive Search.

Rceruiter;s night 2
Recruiter’s Night Awards, © Magazyn Rekruter

The focus as ever was on the achievements and professionalism of recruiters and affiliated HR practices. Accolades were given deservedly in recognition of team efforts that led to success in human capital management.

Not to be outdone, there was a lottery giveaway insuring that each guest had a chance at winning something.

In a field where managers and firms compete incessantly against each other and rarely collaborate, guests look forward to this once-in-the-year opportunity to relax and have some fun together whilst networking and getting to know one another better. This contributes to a more well-rounded HR community, which is necessary in today’s industrial climate where cooperation is paramount.

The recruitment process revolves around highly professional individuals. This is obvious. However, our core business centred on the recruitment process is just a start. It leads to establishing longer term partnerships between temporary employment agencies, employers and the employees.

Central European Staffing (CES) has a long history of collaboration with industry, particularly in complex industrial engineering projects. Construction projects are divided into phases and subcontracted to many individual companies, which work independently yet simultaneously.

Not forgetting that the time frame for such projects is measured in the long-term rather than in months and often takes more than five years. It’s only natural that more than one agency is necessary to deal with personnel, ranging from recruitment to aligned on-site processes. That is why a congenial work atmosphere and mutual understanding are indispensable in maintaining a healthy HR community.

Recruiter's night 1
Recruiter’s Night, © Magazyn Rekruter

“We all need these integration events in Poland. It’s a great chance to establish new business opportunities and get to know one another better,” says Agnieszka Wrodarczyk the managing director of Central European Staffing Ltd. “There are plenty of events like this in the UK. We look forward to more in Poland, as well.”